Tuesday, July 25, 2017

February 2017

January 2017

December 2016

Tag.  Always with the hat over his eyes.

Sis trying to keep her Christmas list simple for Santa.

Elves at the library.

Sportuloph the Red Nose Reindeer, after his Kindergarten Christmas song at the school meeting.

We kill a lot of Christmas break at the gym. Sport finds unconventional ways to enjoy himself.

Its Christmas so naturally the children dress up like cowboys.  And ballerinas.

Dash and Colt dreaming of being tall someday.
Sport at his Christmas program.  The family got a bad case of the stomach flu after Thanksgiving and Sport was still feeling it on the night of his Christmas program.  He put on a brave face and a pair of pjs and did his best.

Sport singing with his class.

After the program.

Colt at his Christmas program.  He's on the front row by all the scary black shadow heads.

Just chillin at Christmas time.

After the program.

Tag loves to help make pancakes.  Its the worst. 

Dash at his Christmas play.

Dash dancing?

Dash had a rap part in this year's program.  

More rapping.

Looking like a very white rapper.

Christmas Eve

We spent most of Christmas Eve playing indoor volleyball and obstacle course racing. 
Sport riding the wiggle car in the obstacle course.

Sprinting up the stairs at the end of the course.

Colt jumping the pillow barriers.

Sis attacking the start of the obstacle course.

Traditional Christmas Eve candlelight pizza.

Tag's Christmas Eve chocolate face.

 Christmas Day

Christmas morning wouldn't be as exciting if the baby wasn't crying.

The tree!

The loot!

The joy!

The struggle!

The elation!

The mess!

The doctor's bills...!

All dressed up for church!